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All about the JMSA (Japan Metal Stamping Association)

Japan Metal Stamping Association supports the efforts of its members increase in the value-added level of metal stamping products, assurance of safe operation, internationalization and globalization of activities, and training of technicians. It is also vigorously promoting a host of other activities for the further advancement of the metal stamping industry.

The JMSA consists of firms manufacturing metal stamping products as well as other firms and individual specialists and business persons approving of the spirit behind the JMSA.

Main Activities

1 Workshops

Holding of seminars on metal stamping and peripheral technologies

2 Safety & Environment

Holding of symposiums on metal stamping safety and environmental factors

Support for acquisition of ISO9001 and 14001 certification with screening by the JMSA network

Promotion of business continuity plans (BCP) among metal stamping companies

3 Exchange Meeting

Promotion of information-sharing among member companies and international exchange with related to metal stamping technology

4 Information

Publication of the JMSA Newsletter

Holding of the Japan Metal Stamping Technology Exhibition

5 Research Groups

Institution of committees for research resting on partnership between industry and academia

6 Improvement of Technology

Establishment of research committees through academic-industry partnership

7 Policy proposals

Submission of proposals to administrative institutions (authorities) for policy initiatives related to the metal stamping industry



Establishment as a voluntary organization (for membership by groups) named the National Metal Stamping General Association


Change of name to the national Metal Stamping Association


Japan Metal Stamping Association reorganized to Incorporated Association


Authorized into Japan Metal Stamping Association (General Incorporated Association)


The 50th year anniversary of Japan Metal Stamping Association


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