JMSA - Japan Metal Stamping Association


JMSA member

Japan Metal Stamping Association consists of 19 local industrial bodies, joined by companies manufacturing metal stamped products in various local areas and companies manufacturing products (including semi-products) by metal stamping as well as persons who agree to the objects of this association.


Regular members

Bodies mainly consisting of the manufacturers of metal stamped products.

Supporting members

  • Companies engaged in manufacture & sales of materials for metal stamped products, the machines and equipment for manufacturing, then later related machines and equipment
  • Companies and bodies mainly engaged in the services concerning welfare of employees engaged in manufacturer of metal stamped products

Inspection company supporting members

Specific voluntary inspection companies of motored stamping which are approved by the chief of local labor standards office and agree to "Inspection General Insurance System".

Personal supporting members

Expertized persons and highly learned individuals who actually engaged in this business of who agrees to the objets of this association.

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