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Japan Metal Stamping Association supports various efforts to be promoted by its members, such as enhancement of management infrastructure, improvement in technology, making high value-added stamped products, establishment of safe operation, support to internationalization and globalization, training engineers, and is actively developing many services to realize advanced metal stamping.

Promotion of improvement in structure of companies, based on Small-to-Medium Size Enterprise Modernization Promotion Law

To cope up with the drastic changes in economic circumstances and environment around the small-to-medium size enterprises and for enhancement of international competitiveness, the association promotes modernization of facilities, development of new products and technology, and optimization of management scale and production methods, and thus has achieved enormous results.
National tax system and subsidies are available for advancing these services, and each company participating in structural improvement has advanced the modernization of its facilities, significantly raised its productivity, and remarkably improved its constitution.
Furthermore, the association is actively engaged in shortening the working hours of employees and improvement in their working environment.

Comply to requests about policies, and petition to authorities concerned

The association submits petitions to administrative authorities concerned about designation of machine types for granting of subsidies to modernize facilities needed by the metal stamping industry, actions on tax system, financial policy, and to obtain system support.

Promotion of preventive measures against stamping-concerned accidents

To prevent stamping-concerned accidents and to promote safety operation, the association holds "National Meeting for Safety in Stamping" and promotes expensive preventive measures against accidents, while encouraging participation in "Inspection General Insurance System" and safety diagnosis using computers.

Promotion of international cooperation

The association promotes international cooperation, paying attention to support internationalization. The association takes part in "International Metal Stamping Council" consisting of 5 countries, Japan, U.S.A., England, Germany, and France. Each country hosts "International Metal Stamping Conference" every three years in turn. Furthermore, the association promotes international cooperation by sending inspection delegates to foreign countries and receiving overseas delegates to Japan.

Promotion of cooperation between members and mutual study

To promote the management constitution of member corporations, the association holds company observation and manager exchange meetings for information exchange and mutual study. In addition, the association holds study meetings, information and opinion exchange meetings, and factory observation by National Youth Communication and Consultation Committee centered on young managers.

Education and training services

To foster talented persons and develop abilities, the association provides on-job training about management and technology, with the cooperation of Industry Associations (Cooperative Associations) in each local area.

Research work

To deal with the change in industrial structure and management environment, the association stresses the research to enhance the infrastructure of metal stamping industry, such as by improvement in technology and working environment, and preventive measures against stamping-concerned accident. Recently, the association is engaged in the following research works.

  • Development of safe and automatic metal stamping systems (entrusted by Japan Small Business Corporation)
  • Survey and research on the products manufactured by metal stamping instead of other industries (entrusted by The Materials Process Technology Center)
  • Labor casualty survey, safety training and guidance, and creation of safety measure manual (entrusted by the Ministry of Labor)

Survey services

Besides "Monthly Survey on Metal Stamping" (statistics approved by the Management and Coordination Agency) and "Labor Casualty Survey", the association conducts survey toward promotion of improvement in the enterprise structure, to demand policy guidance, the survey useful for association's work and members, and survey and collection of material information. Results of such survey are provided to members whenever necessary, and materials are offered for public perusal.

Research Meeting of Metal Stamping Technology

The association holds research meetings including seminars and discussions with talented research workers, aiming at transformation of metal stamping companies into suggestion- type companies, improvement of value added and profitability, development of new processing methods, securement of safety and environment, education of engineers, and support for internationalization.

Public relations and services

The association performs public relations and services concerning the following points.

  • Contents of policies towards the metal stamping industry, economy trend of industry, and production trend in main customer companies.
  • Activities of Japan Metal Stamping Association
  • Provision of technological support and management, offering such materials for public perusal, and copying such materials.
  • Provision of overseas information.
  • Issuance of various reports and materials as necessary, and their delivery.
  • Delivery of membership list.
  • Delivery of technical paper "Metal Stamping".
  • Provision of various information other than above, as necessary (by FAX, etc.)
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